(17/12/2018) After a self-inflicted lethargy of about 2 years, I am back. Thankfully, not all has been displaced during this period and, actually, most things have grown since into a new degree of maturity. Now, that being the case, there is only one way matter evolves from this; it is time indeed to give way to the anticipated yet temerary arrival of decay... 


Everything decays, even your vanity.



Furthermore and, in order to address an old demon haunting the feeble constructions of a brain in exile, I will no longer set deadlines. Whatever work that I'd like to expose at any given time will be accomplished when it's ready. The here and now should never be a constraint for creativity nor should it ever become an element to falsely justify fate.





Makabre Sinister Kabaret Productions is an online platform exclusively dedicated to create & promote works of Sinister Art. Managed by MDAE (aka Baron des Falschen Glaubens & Immorior Xerampelina) MSK was created in 2011. Being active in the fields of music, visual arts and literature, in one form or the other, M.D.A.E. participates in all of MSK-Productions projects. In fact, the only way you can get promoted by this platform is by proposing a collaboration project with M.D.A.E.





MSK-Productions is an independent underground platform that releases its projects throughout personal funding & donations. Far from seeking the poisonous sphere of commercial success, this platform focuses on a few releases per year, and in no way should it be considered a record label or distributor. All musical works, for instance, are seekeable for free elsewhere throughout digital sharing mediums. By Ordering, besides receiving the physical release on itself, you effectively support the involved Artists in continuing to independently press their works.


Ordering is done via the Contact Form by simply stating the distributables of your choice from the MUSIC and VISUAL ART sections + a delivery address. Shipping costs are covered by you. The total pricing will be sent to you 24h after choosing your distributables (If proposed during the weekend, this period extends to 72 hours).